If you are going to reach out for someone to help you with your IRS problems, you want to know who you are working with.   I am a Certified Public Accountant.  I have a Masters’ of Science in Taxation  — that means that I spent a number of years just studying the IRS Code.  I find it to be a game to engage the IRS… I want to win.   And, when I win, you win.  I have successfully negotiated Offers in Compromises and Installment Agreements.  

I started in the tax area several years ago…I must have started when I was five as I don’t want to think that I am old enough to have been practicing for over 30 years.  I enjoy helping people get their financial tax affairs in order — it is rewarding for me to help people have peace at mind when they think of their tax situation and their financial situation.  Think of how good it would feel to not have to think about the tax returns that haven’t been filed or how much you owe to the IRS.

My goal is to help you have peace of mind around your tax and financial situation.  We can do that together.   This site will have some resources that will be helpful to you to understand your IRS problems.   Trying to handle it by yourself is not the right approach… you will blow it up by handling it yourself.  Once you hire a tax resolution professional like myself, I will be the one communicating with the IRS.. not you..

Patti ONeill


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